Plantronics EncorePro HW291N & HW301N Corded Headset Date Codes

  The date code of the EncorePro family of headsets will be located on the speaker, under the ear cushion.  If a binaural model, the code will be on the microphone side.  The first number represents the month (01=January, 02=February…).  The two numbers following the dash represent the year (05=2005).  Next is the model of … Continued

Why There is Only One Style of the EncorePro Headset?

Anyone who’s ever worked with corded headsets knows that to get the best sound from your headset you need, among other things, the correct style of headset.  For the quiet-to-moderately-noisy environment, you use a headset with a voice tube (best for picking up your voice), while a very noisy environment requires a headset with a … Continued