Need 100+ USB Headsets? Poly DA85 & HW520 Combo $69.94ea
(Regularly $153.21) Call for details!

Headsets Direct Wireless Headset Training Adapter

You need to monitor your employees for training purposes, or quality control monitoring, but you have found that the Y-Training Cord just adds another long cable to the mix.  The thought has probably crossed your mind “How can you monitor employees with an easier, quicker, and less tangled mess of cables?”  Or maybe you have upgraded … Continued

Win the Latest Plantronics USB Computer Headset from Headsets Direct!

Enter to win the Blackwire C435 USB computer headset from Headsets Direct.  It’s the latest Plantronics Computer Headset! – MSRP $99.95! Click here to enter – Contest ends January 9th, 2012! The Plantronics C435 USB computer headset provides a choice of monaural or binaural (Stereo) audio options and wearing styles, a durable protective carrying case … Continued

Plantronics Phone Line Indicators

Problem: Have you ever found yourself sitting at your desk closing some important sales deal and someone comes and interrupts you, not knowing you were on the phone?  The glare usually gets the point across but wouldn’t you like a more “user friendly” way to let them know how you feel? Solution: The phone line … Continued

Plantronics CS70N Echo

Plantronics CS70N echo issues are not something that we typically get calls about, but most wireless headsets can certainly have some echo.  There are a couple of different scenarios and instances that can make the Plantronics CS70N have an echo problem. Compatibility: Although the Plantronics CS70N is pretty universal and compatible with most phones, there … Continued

What’s the best headset for 10-15 employees on a multi-line phone system?

Problem: I’m looking for good quality headsets for an office with 10-15 employees.  Some will not be leaving their desks but others will be moving around.  I have a standard multi-line PBX office phone system.  What do you recommend? Solution: PBX (private branch exchange) is a broad term that covers many brands of office phones.  … Continued

Plantronics CS (540) Family History

So looking at the change of time, things only have gotten better. When Plantronics introduced the CS50 in 2004, it looked and felt sleek. It was the ultimate in mobility and sound quality, a hands free headset for the office. They offered up two different styles of wearing, unheard of for the masses of office … Continued

Gaming Headsets for Today’s Gamers

Have you got your game face on?  Good, because when you’re using one of the latest computer gaming headsets from Plantronics that’s all the effort you’ll need to put forth to get the full gaming experience! Do you want to know what makes these thoroughbreds so special?  Come along while we take a brief tour … Continued

New to Plantronics and the Headset Industry

Being new to the headset industry here at Headsets Direct, I have the opportunity to try different types of headsets. What feels better, works better, and let’s face it looks better.  I have the privilege to see, try, and experiment with the different types of headsets offered from Plantronics.  Let’s face it, I love being … Continued

Great solution to train new employees with wireless & corded headsets.

Problem: Do you offer any way to train a new employee if we are using wireless headsets or a mixture of wireless and corded headsets? Yes, we do carry a wireless headset training adapter (part number 03929-63). This unit was developed and designed by Headsets Direct and sells for only $39.95. Prior to the Wireless … Continued