Plantronics Announced Price Increase With Encore Headsets

Plantronics Encore Price Change Plantronics has announced due to market demand changes, effective June 1, 2011 , the Encore products will have a price increase. Model           Part #         Description   Old MSRP   New MSRP H91               43464-11   Encore Monaural Headset   $112   $122 H91-CIS      65654-01   Encore Monaural for Cisco 7940, 7960 7970 IP Phones   $124   … Continued

Plantronics Encore H91, H91N, H101 & H101N Corded Headset Date Codes

The date code of the Encore family of headsets will be located on the speaker, under the ear cushion.  If a binaural model, the code will be on the microphone side.  The first number represents the month (1=January, 2=February…).  The two numbers following the dash represent the year (05=2005).  Next is the model of the … Continued