EHS Cables & Handset Lifters

To get the most out of your wireless headset investment, be sure to consider a compatible Electronic HookSwitch (EHS) cable or handset lifter. The most important benefits include: 1) You receive incoming call alerts through your headset speaker 2) You can answer/hang-up calls away from your desk 3) They automate the process and simplify how … Continued

How Do I Determine Which Plantronics Headsets Will Work on My Phone?

We receive a lot of calls from customers with questions about which headset to purchase for their office phone, and they are often not sure what equipment they can use.  Two vital things that you need to know when choosing your headset and accessories are the phone’s manufacturer and model number.  Equipment will vary from … Continued

Plantronics EHS Cable Changes

  EHS Cable Changes The Electronic Hook switch (EHS) cables for the Savi® 700 (including Savi Office models) and CS500™ Series products are being refreshed.  The pricing and top level part numbers remain the same, though there is a change in the dash number and model number— see chart below. Since top level part numbers remain … Continued

Plantronics is the Sole Provider of Headsets with Avaya one-X® Call Control

Plantronics announced Electronic Hookswitch (EHS) and ring detection capability for Avaya’s suite of one-X products with the release of Persono® Suite 1.1 Call Control software. The Persono Suite 1.1 release makes Plantronics the only headset manufacturer to add Call Control functionality to one-X® Communicator and one-X® Agent. Plantronics line of contact center and enterprise headsets … Continued

Plantronics EHS (Electronic Hook Switch) Adapters

Used with Plantronics wireless headset systems for integrated remote one-touch answer and hang up, the Electronic Hookswitch (EHS) Adapters just simply plugs into the headset jack on the telephone and takes the place of an HL10 Handset Lifter.  So the Plantronics EHS Adapters can be used on certain phone models instead of an HL10.    Please be … Continued