Resetting the Dial Pad on Your CT14 Cordless Headset

CT901, CT10, CT12, CT14 Cordless Headsets  — What do these numbers bring to mind?  The progression of Plantronics’ efforts to provide an affordable cordless telephone with headset.  But, like all wireless connections, the link between the base and remote can sometimes break down causing, in this case, the dial pad to function incorrectly.  So if … Continued

Which headset goes with my cordless telephone with Dect 6.0?

Problem: I just bought this newfangled cordless phone for my home that has the latest Dect 6.0 wireless digital technology.  It does everything short of polishing your shoes!  I know some of the older models used 900 MHz, 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz frequency profiles and headsets worked fine with them but now we have … Continued

Replacing the Plantronics CT12 Cordless telephone headset with the CT14

Replacing the Plantronics CT12 with the Plantronics CT14 cordless telephone headset Problem: Several years ago I purchased a Plantronics CT12 cordless headset phone that I use in my home office and I love it. However, my CT 12 is getting old, and I am considering getting a two line phone for my office. Is there … Continued