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Plantronics CS55 Wireless Headset Date Codes

The Plantronics CS55 Wireless Headset Date Codes is located on the bottom of the base. You’ll see a sticker that contains the letter B, followed by another letter and string of numbers. The date code consists of the second two characters (the letter and first number, e.g., J8 or I5). For the current versions of … Continued

Subscribing a CS50 Replacement Headset or a CS55 Replacement Headset

First, you want to make sure you have the correct headset, since the CS50 Replacement Headset and the CS55 replacement headset for the wireless systems look identical but work on different frequencies, so they’re NOT interchangeable.  You can find the system model number on a label under the base.  The CS50 Replacement Headset is part … Continued

Top Five Plantronics Headsets/Headset Accessories – August 2012

1) A10- Direct Cable – The A10 cable is one of several quick disconnect cables that are necessary for your Plantronics H-Series headset to work with your specific phone.  If you aren’t sure which cable to buy, give us a call at 800-914-7996, and we will do a compatibility check for you.     2) HL10 Handset … Continued

Best 5 Plantronics/Headsets Wireless Headsets – January 2012

1) CS540 – The CS540 is fast becoming our most popular wireless headset.  With its versatile wearing style, it’s sure to please everyone.       2) CS55 – Still one of our most popular wireless headsets to date.  With 10 hrs of talk time, it will get you through your busiest day.       3) … Continued

64399-01 – A Battery for All Reasons

You get in your car on a cold snowy morning, turn the key to start the engine and…the battery is dead!  You’re at your daughter’s wedding reach for the camera to take those special pictures and…the battery is dead!  You grab your headset to answer the phone and close that big million dollar deal when…the … Continued

Top 5 Wireless Headsets from Plantronics – December 2011

1) CS540 – The CS540 Wireless headset is new to the block, replacing the CS55. The CS540 has newer technology and a lighter weight than the CS55 at only 21 grams. Used either over your head or over your ear, this headset is sleek and stylish. Up to 350 feet of range to roam your office and … Continued

Emergency Call Center Consoles

We have customers calling from emergency call centers asking about headsets for the consoles they are using.  One of the first questions we ask is, “Are you using a 4-wire or 6-wire application”? It is important that we have the correct information so we can get the correct equipment for your needs. Products for 4-Wire … Continued

Plantronics 5 Most Popular Wireless Headsets – October 2011

1) CS540 – The new CS540 Wireless headset is fast becoming the headset of choice for wireless communication among businesses both large and small.  It has all the latest technology built into it and offers the lightest headset on the market.  No wonder its popularity is increasing.     2) CS55 – Not ready to go away yet.  … Continued

A Fond Farewell to the Industry Benchmark CS55 to CS540

Of course, we are talking about the ever popular Plantronics CS55 headset, the “gold standard” of wireless headsets.  As we all know, the Plantronics Plantronics CS55 headset was itself an upgrade from the original Plantronics CS50 which quickly gained in popularity from the day it burst on the telecommunication scene in 2004.  Just like cruise … Continued

Plantronics Top 5 Most Wireless Headsets – September 2011

1) CS540 – Right out of the gate the new CS540 wireless headset is fast becoming the headset of choice for wireless communication among businesses both large and small.  With all the latest technology built into it, besides offering the lightest headset on the market, it’s no wonder it’s shooting up the popularity charts.       … Continued