Help with fixing an echo in your Plantronics CS55 wireless headset.

Problem: A customer recently called us because they heard an echo or their voice when using their Plantronics CS55 wireless headset.  It was working fine yesterday and now all of a sudden this echo appeared. Solution: This is a problem that customers have had with their Plantronics CS55 wireless headsets and other similar wireless models … Continued

Plantronics CS351, CS351N, CS361 & CS361N Wireless Headset Date Codes

  The bottom of the base will have a white sticker starting with “B” for base.  This is followed by a letter representing the Month (A=January, B=February…) and a number representing the Year (6=2006). The headset will be located under the ear cushion and follow the same letter/number combo as listed above.

Help? What headset will work best with my Cisco VOIP phone?

I need a headset for work that will do the following – 1) Plug into a Cisco VOIP phone (the standard one you see everywhere) 2) Greatly amplify volume (so for example, if the call is very hard to hear even with phone’s volume blasting, headset would further amplify sound) 3) Has a mute button … Continued