Top 5 Plantronics Computer Headsets – February 2012

1) .Audio DSP-400 – The Audio DSP 400, a light weight stereo headset for your computer or laptop.  With its collapsible design, it’s ideal for easy storage and transport.       2) .Audio 478 – Audio 478 is a Skype certified headset with digital signal processing that scrubs the static and kills the echo. … Continued

Peer-to-Peer Devices

Wouldn’t it be nice if all computer and electronic devices were on an even playing field.  That no computer would be looked down on (perhaps because he may have a little age on him) but be on the same level as its peers, actually communicate peer-to-peer.  Peer-to-Peer devices…what are we talking about here with regards … Continued

Plantronics Blackwire C435 Computer Headset

Were you sad to see the .Audio 480 USB headset go away? Those of us who travel and like to stay connected through our laptops were sad when they discontinued the .Audio 480 USB.  The sleek styling and good stereo sound were hard to beat.  Shucks, it worked really well on our regular PC’s at … Continued

Plantronics Audio DSP 400 Headset

Plantronics .Audio DSP 400 PC Headset The Plantronics .Audio DSP 400 is a good reliable PC headset that will help you pull the most potential available from your PC audio on either a desktop or laptop computer.  The .Audio DSP 400 has a foldable and stowable design so it doesn’t take up much space when traveling, … Continued

Plantronics Audio 355 Computer Headset

The Plantronics .Audio 355 is a versatile, good quality, multimedia computer headset.  The .Audio 355 is great for music, gaming, and can be used with voice recognition software as well as various soft phone programs like SKYPE.  The .Audio 355 has 40mm stereo speakers to deliver quality audio with maximum bass response to make listening … Continued