Top Five Plantronics/Headsets Direct Accessories – February 2012

Below is our Top Five Headsets Direct Accessories for the Poly (formerly Plantronics) H series Quick Disconnect (QD) headsets.   1) 66268-03 A10 Direct Cable – The A10 direct connect cable is a cost effective way to connect H series headsets  to certain telephones that have an RJ9 headset jack, such as Nortel, Mitel and NEC.  … Continued

Plantronics Top 5 Most Popular Accessories – September 2011

1) A10 Direct Cable (66268-03) – This cable is used for 75% of the applications for corded headsets.  What this means is if you have done the compatibility check for your phone and model and this was recommended, it will plug into your headset jack.  This will then hook with a quick disconnect to the corded … Continued

Top 5 Most Popular Plantronics Accessories – August 2011

1) Amplifier / Cisco Direct Connect Cord (26716-01) – Do you have a Cisco phone, such as a 7940 or 7965G? Does it have an RJ9 headset jack (similar to your handset jack)? Trying to connect one of Plantronics top rated headsets to it? Then this QD-to-modular cord is just the ticket, and priced right to … Continued

Explaining the Cisco 504G IP phone and advice on headsets that are compatible.

The SPA504G is a VoIP Phone from Cisco which seems to be geared towards smaller companies.  This model comes with 4 individual call lines with dedicated buttons for Headset, Mute, Volume, Hold, Menu settings, Speakerphone and Voicemail access.  No AC power supply is needed, it can use POE (Power Over Ethernet).  This phone has a 2.5mm headset … Continued

Help? What headset will work best with my Cisco VOIP phone?

I need a headset for work that will do the following – 1) Plug into a Cisco VOIP phone (the standard one you see everywhere) 2) Greatly amplify volume (so for example, if the call is very hard to hear even with phone’s volume blasting, headset would further amplify sound) 3) Has a mute button … Continued