Best Selling Headsets Q4-2019

Best selling headset lists are assembled to help users gain from the experience of others.  Typically when a company purchases headsets, they are simply adding to their existing supply.  The larger the company the more testing they’ve done.  So small companies and first-time purchasers now have a way to gain insight as to what others … Continued

Top 5 Best Selling Plantronics Corded Headsets for May 2011

1) HW251 – – I really enjoy the rich sound that comes through the speakers of the HW251. 2) HW251N – The noise canceling microphone is second to none with the HW251N, it really does the job! 3) HW261N – The bi-naural feature of this HW261N headset allows me to concentrate when I get calls … Continued

Top 5 Best Sellers for Plantronics Corded Headsets for April 2011

1) HW251N – The HW251N is our most popular Plantronics corded headset, from the busy call center to the small one man office. Style, performance and durability make this headset #1 among today’s professionals and it continues to be the gold standard among headsets.       2) HW251 – The Plantronics HW251 Nothing was … Continued