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Section 5: How Corded Headsets Work with Your Cisco Telephone

When using a corded headset on Cisco telephones, most of the older Cisco phones will use a headset and amplifier.  Cisco has worked closely with Plantronics and designed their newer phones with the amplifier built into the phone, so only a direct-connect cable or 2.5mm cable is needed with a headset.


Typical Setup Using Amplifier:

If using any H-series headset and amplifier, the amplifier will plug into the handset port on your phone.  You will need to remove your handset for each call.  When finished with the call you will return the handset to its cradle to hang-up the call.  If you have a headset port, the standard amplifier is not compatible and will only work through the handset port.  You will have a wide variety of headsets to choose from including noise-canceling models for use in a loud environment and voice-tube models for a quieter environment.  

For the latest models: Plantronics H-Series Headsets for Cisco Phones


Typical Setup Using Direct-Connect Cable:

If using a newer Cisco phone with a headset port, you can most likely use any H-series headset with a Cisco Direct-Connect cable.  The cable will plug into your headset port, and you simply press a ringing line to answer and the ‘headset button’ to disconnect the call.  The advantage of using a direct-connect cable versus an amplifier is cost.  The cable will be $28.50 versus $72 for an amplifier.  The disadvantage of using a direct-connect cable is it only works on compatible phones (See our Compatibility Chart above), and you can’t control your out-going voice volume.  If you’re soft spoken, your caller will have a hard time hearing you.

For the Direct-Connect cable: Plantronics 26716-01 Cisco Cable


Typical Setup Using 2.5mm Cable with Cisco SPA Phones:

Cisco also uses a 2.5mm jack for headset use on a select number of phones, which includes the SPA series.  The standard 64279-01 2.5mm to quick-disconnect cable is approximately 16 inches long.  The longer, extended length 70765-01 2.5mm to quick-disconnect cable is 10 feet long giving you much greater distance and reach from your phone. Both cables plug into any Plantronics H-series headset.

For the short 2.5mm cable: Plantronics 64279-01

For the long 2.5mm cable: Plantronics 70765-01

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