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Poly Savi 8220 CDM Wireless DECT Headset:

  • Headset for your desk phone, mobile phone & PC
  • Active Noise Canceling (ANC) blocks out background noise
  • Business grade headset weighing 160 grams
  • Impressive 590 feet of range
  • 13 hours of talk time
  • Add an EHS cable/HL10 lifter for remote answer
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Poly Savi 8220 CDM Wireless Headset

Noisy workspace? No problem. Invest in getting more done with the Poly (Formerly Plantronics) Savi 8220 CDM Office wireless headset. Tune out nearby noise and keep every conversation secure, private, and clear with close conversation limiting noise cancellation.

Give yourself the freedom to roam up to 590 feet with 13 hours of talk time. Wherever you work, the Savi 8220 Office wireless headset will help you be your best all day long.

There is a staggering need for quality, noise-free communications in the enterprise today. Statistics show that 94% of employees believe that they’d be able to do more in a less noisy environment. (Plantronics Noise in the Workplace Global Study, 2017.)

The Savi 8220 Office wireless headset is a perfect solution to enable focus and mobility to walk away from the noise. Also, the Savi 8220 Office wireless headset is the only DECT stereo headset with active noise canceling (ANC), in the market today.

Stereo Wireless Headset

Power Through The Noise

Hearing every word clearly on a work call isn’t just a nice-to-have. It’s a must-have. With the Poly Savi 8220 CDM wireless headset, everyone can tune out noise and stay focused. Looking stylish and feeling comfortable is inevitable. Having the freedom to roam and talking a long time on a single charge means work gets done. Even away from the desk.

Doble Ear Headband Headset

Multiple Connectivity Options

Today’s enterprise and contact center professionals work on a range of devices—from PCs and Macs to mobile phones and desk phones. Savi 8200 Series headset bases have 3-way connectivity—computer, desk phone and mobile phone—for convenient conferencing on up to two devices at once.

Poly Savi 8200 Wireless Base

Clear Conversation

People sound their best, even in noisy environments, wearing DECT™ stereo headsets with active noise canceling to block out noise around the speaker. For sensitive conversations, where extra privacy is needed, they can turn up the Close Conversation Limiting feature.

Take It Further

Poly Savi 8220 CDM wireless headsets are ready when needed with up to 13 hours of talk time on a single charge. Everyone can move, multitask and get more done. Convenient voice prompts notify them of mute status, wireless range limit and more.

Doble Ear Headband Headset

Better Adoption

Some people like a stereo headset. Some lean towards mono. Others prefer to keep their options open. The Savi 8200 Office & UC Series headsets are real crowd pleasers—with mono, stereo and convertible options. For training and group collaboration, people can conference up to four headsets onto a single base.

Custom Experience

The IT team can choose the settings to customize your headsets with Poly+ for desktop. Select language preference, and feature settings, and keep devices up-to-date with the latest firmware. Plantronics Manager Pro provides remote management, headset inventory and usage monitoring—so IT can stay on top of it all easily.

Poly Lens – Intelligent Insights, Scalable Management

Poly Lens software gives IT teams visibility and control over voice, video, and headset devices. Deploy, configure, update, and get valuable insights from one endpoint or thousands using one scalable platform. Poly Lens makes it simple: no heavy IT lifting required.

Poly Lens Cloud Management

Poly Lens APP – Designed For You

Get the most out of your Poly devices. Use one convenient app to manage all your compatible devices. Keep software up to date, manage settings, and use the personal health and wellness reminders to keep you focused and energized all day long. With the Poly Lens App, you can customize your devices to work the way you do.

Poly Lens Cloud Management

Poly Savi 8220 CDM Wireless DECT Headset Benefits:

  • Convenience of 1 headset for your desk phone, mobile phone & PC
  • Desk phone, PC, and cell phone connectivity allows you to switch seamlessly between all devices
  • Conference two of your three devices to collaborate with colleagues
  • Connect up to 4 headsets for training or call resolution
  • Enterprise-grade DECT audio for premium listening experience and eliminate Wi-Fi interference
  • Active Noise Canceling blocks out background noise
  • Covering both ears allows complete focus on your caller
  • One touch controls – call answer/end, volume up/down and mute
  • 13 hours of talk time gets you through the busiest of work days
  • 590 ft of distance give you mobility throughout your office
  • The Poly Savi 8220 CDM Wireless Headset weights 160 grams
  • Adaptive power system optimizes for range and talk time

Why you need a Lifter or EHS cable (Headsets Direct Video)

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Poly Savi 8220 CDM Wireless Headset Features:

  • Ideal for enterprise and contact center professionals who use multiple devices and require premium sound quality for their business communications
  • Enjoy an enterprise-quality audio experience by listening to music and media in premium hi-fi DECT stereo (S8220)
  • Active noise canceling (ANC) tunes out background noise, ensuring great audio quality and fewer interruptions (S8220)
  • DECT Security certified; uses the latest standards in DECT wireless security
  • Adaptive power system allows you to automatically downshift to low power when the headset is close to the base to save battery life and maximize density
  • Conference two of your three devices together— PC to desk phone or mobile to PC
  • Poly Savi 8220 CDM wireless headset has a ringer in the base with volume controls (off, low, medium, high)
  • Limit the transmission of nearby conversations with the close conversation limiting feature (configurable in Poly Lens)
  • Poly software-as-a-service that is sold separately, enables your IT team to gain insight into every Plantronics headset being used company-wide
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Part# S8220 also 8220 also W8220
  • SKU# 207325-01
  • UPC 0017229163317
  • Savi 8200 Series – Savi S8220

Poly Savi 8220 Headset Specifications:


  • Up to 13 hours talk – Up to 50 hours standby (Savi 8210 and Savi 8220)


  • Line of sight – Up to 590 ft/180 m
  • Typical office environment – Up to 180 ft/55 m


  • 490 mAh (Savi 8210)
  • 700 mAh (Savi 8220)


  • Rechargeable
  • Replaceable
  • Lithium ion polymer


  • Three hours


  • Bluetooth v4.2 (Savi 8200 Office)


  • Active noise canceling (ANC)


  • Wideband – 100 Hz-6800 Hz
  • Multimedia – 20 Hz–20 kHz


  • SoundGuard DIGITAL protects against sound levels above 118dBA
  • G616 anti-startle (during calls) detects and eliminates any large sudden increase in signal level
  • Time-weighted average prevents average daily noise exposure from exceeding 85dBA
    • *Requires Poly Lens software to enable SoundGuard DIGITAL features*


  • Noise canceling with close conversation limiting


  • Savi 8210 (Mono): 115 g
  • Savi 8220 (Stereo): 160 g
  • Savi 8240/8245 (Convertible): 21 g (over-the-ear)


  • Call answer/end
  • Mute • Volume +/-
  • ANC on/off (Savi 8220)
  • Power on/off


  • Multiple voice prompts


What Comes In Box:

  • Wireless headset (211423-02)
  • Battery (211425-01)
  • Charger base
  • Charger cradle (211500-01)
  • USB cable
  • USB-C Cable
  • Telephone Interface Cable
  • Power supply

Additional information




Computer USB-A, Computer USB-C, Desk Phone, Mobile Bluetooth Device

Headset Wearing Style

Headband Dual Ear

Headset Weight

160 grams

Talk Time

13 hours

Roam Distance

580 feet

Part #





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1 review for Poly Savi 8220 CDM Wireless Headset

  1. AndrewH

    User I got this for has hearing issues and has been seated underneath an AC unit, so noise is a serious problem. Headset goes on, ANC kicks in, user’s face lights up. Loves it, keeps it on all day just to enjoy the office being quiet.

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