Wireless Home Headsets

The more useful and popular headsets become, the more we want to incorporate them into every part of our daily lives. We’ve come a long way from the days of NASA and Bell operators using corded headsets, but the benefits remain the same; improving productivity and helping rid ourselves of neck and shoulder pain from cradling a handset for hours. Now wireless home headsets have ignited a new interest, with technology allowing us to work from home and stream our favorite music. Also available are great sounding, affordable headphones for walking, running, and working out.

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When considering wireless home headsets, compatibility and comfort are key. If you conduct business from home, or simply want a great sounding headset as you’re talking to friends and family, wireless units typically give you caller ID, volume control, and other features found on a traditional desk phone. Wearing styles will vary from over-the-ear to headband models. You may want to consider a convertible headset, which gives you multiple wearing styles to help you find a perfect fit for all-day wearing.