HamiltonBuhl Headphones

School computer labs and classrooms have a never-ending battle to supply students with the devices they need as inexpensively as possible. The challenge becomes what do you want versus need to control costs. With HamiltonBuhl headphones, you will find a wide variety to choose from with price points to meet any budget. Many will be tempted to buy an off-brand that you’ve never heard of to save a few dollars. Unfortunately, that typically causes more headaches than it’s worth when you need support, parts, or warranty replacements. HamiltonBuhl has been an industry innovator since 1933 giving you the confidence of quality products at a fair price.

If you only need your students to listen (versus listen and speak) to online apps and software, you can save significantly with HamiltonBuhl headphones that have speakers with no microphone for speaking. Less circuitry and engineering means less money, and if you don’t need users to interact with their application by speaking, this is a great feature to remove. You will also find most headphones hold up better because, without a microphone, you have one less part that can break.

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