School Headphones

Schools have a challenging task today when it comes to technology and student needs. You must determine which devices are required to meet current applications, while also forecasting future needs. You don’t want to purchase items today to find out your needs are completely different for the next semester. School headphones come in a variety of wearing styles, different plug types, and with or without microphones.

Headsets Direct is an authorized reseller of HamiltonBuhl headphones, headsets, and other A/V products. With HamiltonBuhl you are assured of high-quality products, as they have been an innovator in the electronics Industry since 1933. With rapidly advancing technology, they continue to offer quality school headphones and headsets for computer labs, classrooms, online assessment testing, and everyday general-purpose needs. Models range from very budget-friendly personal-use multimedia headphones with foam cushions to the latest in technology using ear cups with leatherette cushions that go around your ear. This helps students focus and not be distracted by background noise. With various plug types and configurations, you are guaranteed to find a solution to meet your needs for computers, tablets, or other devices.

A new design is becoming popular with the headphone being made of hard foam. This allows the unit to be extremely durable while remaining unbelievably flexible. Being made from a single piece of foam, you don’t have exposed wires to be damaged or dislodged by little fingers. HamiltonBuhl headphones also come in multiple colors allowing you to show your school pride, or you may choose to outfit specific classrooms or computer labs with different colors of school headphones for easy identification.

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