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In choosing contact center headsets, you must first decide whether a wired or wireless solution would best suit your needs. To give you an idea, the cost of wired call center headsets is around $100, while a wireless contact center headset will cost about $250, including the base and electronic hook switch (EHS) or Lifter. Thus the first decision revolves around your budget.

The wireless technology in contact center headsets has advanced to the point where you can experience no call-dropping, comparable to wired models. But since you need to pay twice the amount for wireless contact center headsets, it makes sense to ask whether you will get twice the value.

In most situations, the benefits of wearing a wireless contact center headset are invaluable. Without the wire limitations, users can freely roam around the office when needed, thereby increasing users' overall productivity. However, if the wireless feature is not necessary for your business or is outside your budget, a high-quality wired contact center headset might be best for you. With a wired contact center headset, you still have the luxury to type hands-free, which you would not get otherwise with traditional hand-held phones.