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Corded Headset Telephones

If you operate your business from home or SOHO (Small Office/Home Office), a headset telephone may be your perfect hands-free solution. Single-line solutions include a headset and base unit that plug into a telephone wall jack. Typical base functionality includes on/off button, a keypad for dialing, redial button, mute, volume control, ringer, and more. With wired headset telephones, you simply press the on/off button on the base to quickly and efficiently take calls. If you’re ready for a huge productivity boost, improving the ergonomics of your work-space, and improved call quality, see our options below, or call one of our headset experts today for a compatible headset telephone solution.

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Choosing a business-level system will require the purchase of a base with wired headsets sold separately. By separating the two, you expand your headset choices to find one that meets your environment and personal comfort needs. If you prefer a more secure fit, a headband over the head, covering one or two ears, will work best. If you would rather have a headset built around being lightweight and low-profile, an over the ear option will best suit your needs. For quieter environments, wired headsets with voice tube microphones provide clean, crisp sound to your callers. As you increase in background noise, it’s imperative you implement noise-canceling microphones to reduce background noise, allowing your caller to hear you more clearly with fewer distractions.