Corded 3.5mm Smartphone Headsets

If you have tried to find high-quality, business-grade headsets for your mobile phone or tablet at your local retail store, you have discovered the choices are from manufacturers you’ve never heard of, and the quality is so bad you feel better off without a headset. This has been an ongoing battle dating back to flip phones, with major manufacturers never producing high-quality products. Below you will find single and dual-ear 3.5mm headsets that will exceed your expectations with business-grade audio, durability, and comfort.

With business-grade 3.5mm headsets, it’s a huge benefit to have full sized speakers that adequately seal off background noise, allowing you to hear your caller comfortably and accurately. Hearing your caller well keeps you from asking for information to be repeated or taking down incorrect information. Commercial-grade headsets also have the option for noise-canceling microphones that extend to the corner of your mouth. This allows your caller to hear you while cutting down on background noise. With 3.5 smartphone headsets, you will need to make sure your phone or tablet has a 3.5mm headset port, as configurations are constantly changing.

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