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Headset Repairs

Headset Repairs


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Plantronics Headset Repairs                          Plantronics Headset Repairs          


Headsets Direct can make your old Plantronics headsets look and perform like new again. It means that rather than discarding broken headsets and having to buy brand new models, we can repair and restore your existing headsets to perfect working condition for as little as $25.00 per headset.

We repair only Plantronics commercial-grade telephone headsets. We do that because we sell the new products and get to see and try out the headsets. That gives us a competitive edge in repairing the headsets with which we are most familiar.

We provide free estimates for all repair work and, with your approval, our highly trained technicians will carry out the repairs. For each unit, free headset accessories, such as ear cushions and voice tubes, are included in the price.

Once we have repaired your Plantronics headsets, we’ll carefully package them up and return them to you within two to three days.

Headsets Direct offers high quality Plantronics headset repairs for commercial-grade telephone headsets with two repair choices from which to select:

Standard Repair is our first option which consists of repairing and cleaning your headset. You also receive all new accessories, such as the voice tubes, ear cushions, and wind screens. The standard repair price is $25.00 per headset or amplifier and includes a 3-month warranty. In the event we are unable to repair your headset, we recommend the Premier Service listed next.

Premier Service is the second repair option, which is a remanufactured unit from Plantronics. With this repair choice, you receive a headset or amplifier with new plastics, accessories, and a 1-year warranty. The price varies according to model, so please see our Premier Service Price List below.



Please call us prior to sending your repairs.

This allows us to make sure your headsets are repairable and not obsolete.

Repairs Order Forms

Please print a Repair Order Form and enclose it with your headsets/amplifiers being sent for repairs:

Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader Repair Order Form - PDF Format

Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader Premier Service Price List - PDF Format