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W720 Wireless Headset (Phone + PC + Mobile)

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Plantronics Savi W720 Wireless Headset for Phone, PC & Mobile


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Plantronics W720 Wireless Headset:

• Perfect office headset for your desk phone, mobile & PC
• Business grade headset weighing 96 grams
• Distance to cover most offices with 350 feet of range
13 hours of talk time to get you though the busiest days
Covering both ears allows complete focus on your caller 
Add an EHS cable/HL10 lifter for remote answer

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  1. Excellant Review by Miquel Casta

    I'm still figuring out the features and best way to use this in conjunction with my Cisco UC Phone (CP8945). So far, the convenience of having a wireless headset makes attending calls easier and allows me to move about. The sound quality isn't as good as the older wired Plantronics headset but is acceptable.

  2. Nice pair of Headsets Review by Jar-Ed S

    Overall I am pretty happy with the headset. The Bluetooth function that allows me to answer the phone or my cell phone with one click of the button is nice. The speaker and earpiece are natural and comfortable to use. My only complaint is in "some" of my phone conversations; my voice either echos, or I sound like I am in a tunnel when I am talking. The headset has allowed me to free up my hands, and I don't have that kink in my neck from an hour-long phone call, pinching the phone between my ear and my shoulder.

  3. Works right out of the box. Did not need IT to connect. Review by DB

    Works right out of the box. Did not need IT to connect.

  4. Best product I've ever bought from Plantronics Review by Don P

    I've been using Plantronics headsets for over 20 years. This is absolutely the best device I have ever bought. I'm able to switch between dictation my cell phone and my desk phone with one button.

  5. Great Product Review by Robbie

    I have bought a dozen of these headsets for myself and others in my office and they are by far the best headset I have ever owned.

  6. Hearing Impared Review by Andy Jones

    I am very hearing impaired and use a CaptionCall closed caption phone. This headset works well with the caption phone. My hearing is so bad, no phone will ever sound good, but people tell me that I respond to what they say much faster than before. This means I understand some of what they say and depend less on the closed caption!

  7. Headset works well Review by REN

    I like the headset, but it doesn't feel secure on my head. The sound is awesome and the microphone is adequate.

7 Item(s)

per page
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Plantronics Savi W720 Wireless Headset Benefits:

If you work in a loud office, call center, warehouse, or need to focus on your caller like never before, the Plantronics Savi W720 wireless headset will be a top choice to consider. When you cover up both ears with a wireless headset, you immediately improve how well you hear your caller, and you can focus on them without being distracted by what’s going on around you. Users in loud environments have used this to their advantage for years, but going with dual-ear headsets in private offices are becoming more common with a more natural, balanced sound, giving you complete focus on your caller. Another benefit of the Plantronics Savi W720 wireless headset is it will connect to three devices within your work space. The W720 is unique in that it connects to your deskphone, PC, and mobile phone. This simplifies your work space by only needing one headset to cover all of your communication devices.

As more companies are migrating to VoIP/softphones, a PC headset is now required for communicating, so you’re not left with using your built in monitor speakers that broadcast your entire conversation throughout the office. Also with microphones that are built into your monitors, they tend to pick up other background noise, making it difficult for your caller to hear. With the Plantronics Savi W720 wireless headset you benefit from a noise-canceling microphone, which will target your voice while cutting down on noise around you. This becomes extremely important in louder environments, so your caller can hear you clearly, and incorrect information is not passed back and forth. The Plantronics W720 has speaker and microphone volume adjustments on the base, allowing you to configure the headset exactly to your liking. On the headset you will find speaker adjustments and a mute button. This allows you to make adjustments during calls or mute the microphone if you need to converse with a co-worker. The Plantronics Savi W720 wireless headset provides up to 13 hours of talk time to get you through the busiest of work days. Combined with 350+ feet of distance, it’s no wonder it’s the perfect headset for small businesses, call centers, and everything in between.

Convenience of 1 headset for your desk phone, mobile phone & PC
Being mobile will improve your efficiency on every call
• Covering both ears keeps total focus on your caller 
• While talking, walk to files, reference materials, co-workers, copier...
Freeing your hands for typing and writing increases productivity
• Weighing 96 grams the W720 fits securely for all day comfort
13 hours of talk time gets you through the busiest of work days
 Superior audio quality helps in never asking to repeat information
• 350+ feet of distance gives you mobility throughout your office

• DECT technology for better audio and eliminates Wi-Fi interference
 Adaptive power system optimizes for range and talk time

• FREE technical support with purchase

1-Year Warranty     1-Year Warranty     Bluetooth Headset


Change the way you communicate by purchasing the Savi W720, which will increase your productivity throughout your office.  With a radius of 350 feet, this over the head and multi-connectivity headset can let you move around from your office. Use the highest technological headset available that connects to your computer, office phone or mobile device. Once you buy the Savi W720 you will wonder how you ever lived without it.



• Easily able to switch audio between your computer, desk, and mobile devices with the Savi W720.
• When you are on a call, UC will update your current status automatically
• Savi series gives the ability to have multiple headsets per conference calls
• Savi offers DECT 6.0 capability which enables 350 feet of range from its base
• Allows for 13 hours of call time
• The Plantronics Savi W720 wireless headset weighs only 96 grams
• To reduce background noise and create more natural sounds,
  Plantronics developed a noise-reducing microphone and Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
• CAT-iq technology enables advanced wideband audio to create clearer conversations
• For remote answer you can order the HL10 Handset Lifter
• Associated with the wireless Savi 700 series
*Base reads Plantronics WO2 - References all Savi W700 series


What comes in the box:

Wireless headset (83322-11)
Battery (202599-03)
Charger base
Charger cradle (83776-11)
A/C power supply (81423-01)
Telephone Interface Cable (86009-01)
USB to Micro USB Cable (86658-01)


What the lights indicate:

W720 Base: Bottom-Left = Solid GREEN when power is connected
  Bottom-Right = Flashing GREEN when headset is properly docked and charging
    = Solid GREEN indicated headset is fully charged
  Top Buttons/Lights = Solid GREEN for desk phone/PC/Bluetooth when in use
    = Solid RED when microphone is muted
W720 Headset:   = Flashed GREEN when in use


Additional Information
Inventory at start of day 14
Compatibility Office Desk Phone, Computer - USB, Mobile Phone - Bluetooth
Talk Time 13 hrs
Stand By Time No
Roam Distance 350 ft
Headset Style Dual Ear
Headset Weight 96 grams
Part # 83544-01 (Base reads w02/wo2)
Brand Plantronics
UPC 017229134201
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