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How to pair or connect your Plantronics M20 Bluetooth Headset to your Mobile Phone


    1. Start with the M20 headset turned off for pairing. 

      First Time - Out of the Box:
      Now turn on the headset. The LED flashes red/blue on the M20 to indicate pairing mode.

      To Activate Multipoint (for 2nd phone):
      While pressing Call button, now turn on the headset and continue pressing Call button until LED flashes blue twice. Repeat to turn off multipoint.

      To Pair New or Second Phone:
      Now turn on headset. Press Call button until the LED flashes red/blue on the M20.


  1. Turn on your phone’s Bluetooth feature.

    Activate the Bluetooth feature on your phone, then get phone to: add / search / discover new Bluetooth devices.  

    Phones Have Different Menus to Select from, for example:

    iPhone: Settings > General >Bluetooth > On (starts the search for devices)
    BlackBerry® smartphone: Settings/options > Bluetooth: On > Search for devices
    Android™: Settings > Wireless & Networks > Bluetooth: On > Scan for devices See your phone’s user guide for more information.

  2. Confirm Connection.

    Select “PLT_M20”  from the list of Bluetooth devices shown on your phone.  If phone asks for a passcode, enter four zeros (0000). You may see **** on screen.  Some phones also ask to confirm headset connection after pairing.  Headset LED on M20 will stop flashing red/blue once successfully paired/connected. 

    You are now paired and ready to make a call using your phone’s keypad or voice-dialing feature.


M20 Pairing Instructions















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