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Corded 2.5mm Headsets

Corded 2.5mm Headsets

How many times have you found yourself at home talking to friends or family members on your cordless phone, straining your neck and shoulder as you try to pin the phone against your ear with your shoulder? Think about how the experience would be so much better if you could keep your head upright and have both hands available for working on dinner, vacuuming, or picking up around the house. With a 2.5mm corded headset plugged into your cordless phone, you can accomplish more while reducing neck and shoulder pain.

When you plug a 2.5mm corded headset into your phone, you can now clip your phone to your belt or place it in a pocket, freeing your hands to be more productive and comfortable. A 2.5mm corded smartphone headset will come in different wearing options, ranging from a headband over the head to an ear model. When selecting a wearing style, headband models will typically be more secure and fit a wider range of users. Ear models are lighter in weight, lower profile for those concerned with face-to-face interactions, and work best in quieter environments.


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Corded 2.5mm Headsets

A more basic 2.5mm headset will include the headset that has a cable terminating in a 2.5mm plug. If you’re able to slightly increase your budget when choosing a 2.5mm corded smartphone headset, you will gain features like microphone mute and speaker volume adjustments. These are not must-have features but will improve your headset experience and make handling of calls easier. Working from home, you can never discount the importance of muting the microphone when the dog starts barking or the kids are crying, which would normally distract your caller.

It’s worth understanding when choosing a 2.5mm corded headset, most will be less than $50 and fall well below business-grade standards. To best set your expectations, you are getting a basic headset made for home use which will sound, perform, and hold up adequately for at least a year, if handled with care. A 2.5mm corded smartphone headset should not be confused with a business-grade headset costing 3-5 times more. They are not made to be repaired, and when they stop working, or wires become exposed, they should be disposed of and a replacement purchased.