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Mobile Headsets

To be more productive and improve ergonomics, most companies have added corded or wireless headsets as a standard device at each desk or cubicle, making them as common as a PC, pen, and paper. As business takes many of us on the road, be it visiting local customers, or traveling across the country for major accounts, the tools we use in the office are now available for the road. With a mobile headset, you have the benefit of hands-free communication while you write, type or even drive, making you equally as productive as in the office.

Mobile headsets are typically paired to mobile phones, tablets, and laptops directly via a Bluetooth connection. If your device doesn’t support Bluetooth, you can purchase a headset that includes a USB dongle which allows the use of headsets on PCs without Bluetooth capabilities. A great add-on if your company has migrated to a softphone and VoIP phone system.

Mobile Headsets

As with most headsets, you will have multiple wearing styles to choose from to find one that feels comfortable and provides the features you need. A mobile headset is generally smaller and lighter weight than traditional business headsets, being they are meant for use out of the office and need to be easily stowed in a purse or pocket. When choosing a wearing style, you have ear tip models, models that fit behind your ear, and headband models. With ear tip mobile headsets, they are designed to have you choose one of many included ear tips that hold the unit securely in your ear. Most of the time, you will find a perfect fit. Users with extremely small or large ears may struggle with this design and find the loose fit simply isn’t comfortable.

A mobile headset that fits behind your ear will be slightly bigger but will offer a more secure fit with better battery life. As with ear tip models, different sized tips will be included to find the most comfortable fit for extended wearing. Headband mobile headsets will provide the best sound quality because they incorporate a full-sized speaker into the design. For dual-ear models, you can block out background noise to allow complete concentration on your caller. If used for music listening, you will experience incredible Wi-Fi sound on most models, quickly making them your headset of choice.

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