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Wireless Home Headsets

Wireless Home Headsets

The more useful and popular headsets become, the more we want to incorporate them into every part of our daily lives. We’ve come a long way from the days of NASA and Bell operators using corded headsets, but the benefits remain the same; improving productivity and helping rid ourselves of neck and shoulder pain from cradling a handset for hours. Now wireless home headsets have ignited a new interest, with technology allowing us to work from home and stream our favorite music. Also available are great sounding, affordable headphones for walking, running, and working out.

When considering wireless home headsets, compatibility and comfort are key. If you conduct business from home, or simply want a great sounding headset as you’re talking to friends and family, wireless units typically give you caller ID, volume control, and other features found on a traditional desk phone. Wearing styles will vary from over-the-ear to headband models. You may want to consider a convertible headset, which gives you multiple wearing styles to help you find a perfect fit for all-day wearing.

Wireless Home Headsets

Also for business, you will find wireless home headsets that will plug into your computer's USB port for use with softphones. With this application, you download a computer program that looks and acts like a desk phone and connects back to your office. Using your internet connection, this VoIP solution makes your presence seem as if you were in the office. You take calls and answer calls in the same way, but from the convenience of your home.

If you’re a music buff or enjoy working out, numerous wireless home headsets are available to connect to mobile phones or tablets via a Bluetooth connection. With dual-ear, high-fidelity speakers, you will find yourself immersed in sound quality like never before. Many models even let you jump to mobile calls while using the same headset for dual purposes. Pay attention to the Bluetooth profiles of your device, because ranges will vary from 33 feet to a few hundred feet. Shorter distances are typically irrelevant for mobile phone use because you need to keep your phone in close proximity to dial and see who’s calling. With headphones for music listening, greater distances will allow you to leave your device behind as you roam your house or take your music outside.

The options are endless as you find headsets for every application around the house. Freeing your hands for writing, typing, vacuuming, doing the dishes, or anything else, makes for a healthier, more comfortable experience.