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Cordless Phone 2.5mm Headsets

Cordless Phone 2.5mm Headsets

If you’re like most other home telephone users, you have a cordless phone which has a 2.5mm headset jack. Being cordless is a great convenience, and the thought of adding a headset to allow you to free your hands while talking is very appealing. With Plantronics 2.5mm cordless home headsets, you simply plug the headset in, clip the phone to your belt, and you have your hands-free solution. You can tackle simple tasks like writing or typing; you also gain the ability to talk with friends and family; and you can multitask while working on dinner, doing the dishes, or anything else on that never-ending to-do list.

With Plantronics 2.5mm cordless home headsets, different wearing styles exist to meet your personal preference needs while also finding a comfortable fit. Traditional over-the-head styles with a headband tend to be more secure and easier to put on. However, many users find 2.5mm wireless home headsets that fit over the ear to be lighter in weight and less obtrusive.


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Cordless Phone 2.5mm Headsets

Typical features of 2.5mm cordless home headsets include noise-canceling microphones, adjustable headbands, and replaceable ear cushions on headband models. One feature to consider with 2.5mm wireless home headsets is inline volume control and mute control. This allows you to quickly adjust your speaker volume to better hear your caller. It’s important to know this volume adjustment only adjusts the range of volume your phone naturally supplies and is not an amplifier giving an increase in volume.

A higher-quality business solution does exist with Plantronics 2.5mm cordless home headsets, but that solution has pros and cons. The pros are that you select from the full line of business-grade headsets, which have numerous wearing styles, will be more durable, and also sound better. The cons are you also need a 2.5mm bottom cable to connect the headset to your phone. You also lose the option for inline volume and mute capabilities. With business grade 2.5mm wireless home headsets, you will need to consult a headset expert to verify compatibility, discuss headset wearing options, and cover if the 2.5mm cable will plug into your phone correctly. On occasion, we have seen a problem when the plastic housing of a phone doesn’t allow the 2.5mm headset cable to push properly into the headset port.