Headset Buyers Guide

The 11 Best Headset Solutions For Specific Applications


With so many different models of headsets for various applications, don’t you wish there was a way to narrow down the hundreds of models available into the best model for a specific use?

Our 2018 Headset Buyers Guide does exactly that!  We simplified an overwhelming choice of headsets into the best headset option for specific applications.

We Make Your Life Easy!

2018 Headset Buyers Guide

What’s inside?

  • Wireless Headset for the Office
  • Connect 3 Devices with 1 Headset
  • Your Next Corded Headset
  • Pillow-Soft Ear Cushions
  • Just Say “Answer” for Mobile Calls
  • A Carrying Case that Also Charges
  • Business Grade VoIP/PC Headsets
  • Multi-Device Headsets
  • Premium Sound for Your Office
  • Pick Up the House While Talking
  • Train like Never Before

We talk to customers all day and we also understand, headsets are not easy.  That’s why we developed, and update each year, our Headsets Buyers Guide, which highlights the best headset for 11 different uses or applications.  We provide easy-to-understand bullet points to highlight major benefits and best-use application.  For example, if you need a headset for an office using multi-line telephones, we gather feedback from our customers, reviews, and internal testing, and come up with what we consider the best solution for a given environment or application.  We selected the best wireless headset for the office needing basic connections and functionality.  We also suggest a wireless unit for users needing more connection points that would allow one headset for your desk phone, PC, and mobile phone.  Corded headsets for the office, home, and VoIP/PC use are covered, giving you a more budget-friendly option while still giving you a hands-free, more productive work environment.  Another trending application for headsets are Bluetooth devices to free your hands while driving or working on the go.

With so many choices, our guide will simplify your choices and bring to light others you didn’t know existed. Since 1996, Headsets Direct has been making life easy for customers with discounted pricing, 60-day money back guarantee, full line of Plantronics products, and a staff of Plantronics Certified Headset Experts to assist you before, during, and after the sale. Working with a Plantronics Authorized Stocking Distributor guarantees you receive genuine Plantronics products and replacement accessories in a timely manner with full warranties. With numerous knock-off products and unopened boxes being sold 3-5 years after being manufactured, do you really have the time or patience for minimal saving when you can have a team of experts guide you to the best solution quickly and easily? Give us a call where old-school customer service still reigns supreme!

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