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Corded USB Adapters/Amplifiers

Corded USB Adapters/Amplifiers

If your company is moving to a VoIP phone system that uses softphones, or you simply require a business-grade computer headset, you will need to evaluate if your current headsets will be compatible. Headsets with a quick-disconnect connection in the middle of the cable will separate the headset from the bottom amp or cable. This allows you to simply replace the amp or bottom cable with one of the corded USB adapters. The USB adapters have different price points dependent upon built-in features, like volume and mute controls. With USB amplifiers, you no longer need to concern yourself with compatibility, because USB technology simplifies the process; you simply plug your headset in, your PC downloads and installs the appropriate drivers, and you’re free to use your new headsets and corded USB adapters in minutes.

You will also have the option of wired USB adapters that allow one headset to plug into both your desk phone and your PC. This lets you toggle between devices with the push of a button while avoiding the use of multiple headsets for different devices. Using wired USB amplifiers that switch between devices will come in handy as you transition from desk phones to softphones. With these devices, you're connected to desk phones and softphones at the same time and can gradually move away from desk phones as you become more comfortable with your softphones.

Corded USB Adapters/Amplifiers

With USB adapters, you will need to consider inline volume controls and mute capabilities. Models of corded USB amplifiers without inline controls will force the user to navigate to their computer's settings every time they need to increase or decrease the volume. This can be time-consuming and clumsy while talking with callers. Slightly more expensive corded USB adapters will have inline controls, so you can easily and quickly adjust caller volumes and mute capabilities if you need to ask a co-worker a question.

You will also need to factor in cord length with corded USB amplifiers. If plugging into the front of a PC or USB port on your keyboard, the length of your USB adapter’s cable will be less critical. However, if you’re plugging into the back of your PC, you will need to consider extension cables for your wired USB amplifiers to give you the ability to reach 8-10 feet away with your headset.

Most wired USB amplifiers will include a 2-year warranty, and with very little to go wrong with them, they typically last well past the warranty period. In most situations, you will look to upgrade your wired USB adapters well before the units start acting up or buttons work intermittently. When removing corded USB amplifiers, be sure to grasp the actual USB connection and pull outward from your PC. The biggest cause of defective units is when users pull on the cord to remove the unit, which ultimately damages the wires.