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Corded Sound Board Headsets

Corded Sound Board Headsets

If you’re considering a headset for your PC or MAC, you have multiple connection types to consider. The most common are USB headsets which, once plugged in, automatically install drivers on your computer and have you up and functioning in 20-30 seconds. Older technology sound board headsets terminate with two cables, one for microphones and one for speakers. These will plug directly into your sound board card where drivers and downloads are not needed and you’re up and going immediately.

Typical corded sound board headsets will be a headband over the head with speakers on both ears. This helps you block out background noise and focus on your task at hand, be it listening to webinars, or talking over the internet (VoIP). As many companies transition to VoIP, you're able to download a program, called a softphone, that functions exactly like your desk phone. Using this technology cuts your phone bills significantly and eliminates hardware costs and maintenance of traditional phone systems.


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Corded Sound Board Headsets

Many companies have security policies in place where they prohibit the use of any USB devices for the fear of data corruption, loss, or theft, making sound board headsets your only option. Because wired sound board headsets are older technology, you will have fewer wearing choices, and features are limited to volume control and mute.

As corded sound board headsets become more scarce, you will need to work with management and IT to transition to USB options, where a viable solution can be had for all. This can be easier said than done when dealing with large scale adoption and policies where sound board headsets have been the standard for decades. You will also notice that wired sound board headsets are less expensive than USB options, being there are lower manufacturing costs involved, with no circuit board and driver configurations needed.

The last factor when considering corded sound board headsets is durability. Because these are very basic and budget-friendly models, you will need to handle them with care to get the most out of them. If used roughly, they will show their wear more quickly, and replacements will be more frequent.