Plantronics GameCom Headsets Update 2013

A while back (check our Blog Central) we discussed what Plantronics had to offer in the GameCom line of headsets.  Well, it’s time for an update.  Today we’re concentrating on three new models: GameCom 380, Gamecom 780 and GameCom Commander.  Whether you’re a casual gamer or one who likes to immerse himself in the sport, … Continued

Reducing Work-Related Back Pain

A Dangerous Place With the spotlight on ergonomics issues lately, the modern workplace has been labeled “dangerous” by the press. Today’s office workers—;whether they spend their time in skyscrapers or home offices—;are learning the hard way about work-related health disorders. An office worker can spend from 25 to 40 hours a week in a static … Continued

Choosing the Right Telephone Headset

As little as 10 years ago, the choices of telephone headsets for your home or office were few, and vendors were limited. Now with the advent of new technology and the internet, the choices are great, and suppliers are plentiful. Choosing the best headset for your application, and finding a company that knows and understands … Continued

Ergonomic Headsets Offer Relief And More Productivity For Knowledge Workers

Prescott, AZ: November 17, 2008 – As the need for more ergonomic headset solutions increases, Headsets Direct, an authorized distributor for Plantronics, has announced they have several options worth considering. These headsets work to reduce the amount of neck stress and pain commonly associated with working in an office, allowing employees the freedom to work … Continued

What Model Phone Works Best with My Headset?

Those of you who have ever called Headsets Direct in search of a headset for an office phone have often heard the question:  What’s the make and model of your phone?  While some may think of it as lengthening the selection process since, after all, they already know what headset they want, the question is … Continued

Blackwire USB Computer Headsets

Plantronics has updated its Blackwire family of USB computer headsets with some new models, and some of the older models will be going away later this year. All of the Blackwire USB Computer Headsets are compatible with Windows & Mac OS. With the Blackwire USB Computer Headsets you will be able to find a headset … Continued