Inline vs. On-Ear Volume Controls

Latest update: November 9, 2018

Inline vs. On-Ear Volume Controls

Every user hears differently, so therefore it’s important to control speaker volume, but how you do it depends on your device and convenience.  The following will guide you in making the best decision when comparing inline vs. on-ear volume controls.

PC’s and tablets will allow users to adjust their sound volume within the settings.  The challenge is — do you really want your users spending their precious time fiddling with the settings of a device every time the sound needs to be adjusted?  The simplest solution is with an inline or an on-ear speaker adjustment.

Inline Speaker Volume Controls:

School Headsets with inline speaker volume controls are the most common, and with a simple dial or slide switch, the user can quickly adjust their speaker volume as needed. This will save you hours of reconfiguring your system if a student accidentally, or on purpose, changes other settings within your operating system.  Inline controls are the easiest to adjust, because you can visually see the controls without removing the headphones.  They are very durable and will hold up well with typical use.  You will want to avoid catching them in desk drawers, which can damage the dial or slide switch, rendering it inoperable.

On-Ear Speaker Volume Controls:

School Headsets with on-ear speaker volume controls are just as simple to adjust and have the advantage of being part of the headphone or headset without extra circuitry and plastic parts being required, as is the case with inline speakers.  The volume control is tucked away on the speaker, which means it is out of your way but still accessible when you need it.  Because it’s not visible, you will need to feel your way around the speaker to find the volume control, or take the headphones off to locate it.  Once you know where the volume dial is, you can easily find it in the future for quick adjustments.

Take away: Spend a few extra dollars and consider inline vs. on ear volume controls for ease of use.

School Headsets Inline Speaker Volume Control
School Headsets Inline Volume Controls

School Headsets On-Ear Speaker Volume Control
School Headsets On-Ear Volume Control

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