Adapting your headset to a New Phone System

You love your Plantronics corded headset.  It works wonderfully at making your life so much easier. No more achy shoulders and neck pain. You are able to be productive, using both your hands to type or take notes. It’s amazing how a device like a Plantronics corded headset makes your working environment so much better. Then your company changes the phone system.

When your company changes the phone system the headset that you’ve relied on and adored is no longer working for you.  The sound is tinny and far away or perhaps you have no sound at all and worst of all, you are back to holding the receiver and re-living the pain you thought you had left behind.

headsets no longer working after updating to a new phone system
There is an easy fix for that!  You will not have to live without your headset once you give us a call
and let us check our compatibility chart. Just give us the new phone make and model number and
we will be able to let you know if it’s simply a new Direct Connect Cable or an Amplifier that is needed.




Plantronics has many Direct Connect Cables that they have developed with the phone manufacturers; however, each cable is wired to be compatible with certain phones only. That is why the make and model of the phone is so important. You can find that information on the bottom or back of your phone. If you just pick a cable without first checking the compatibility, you’ll find you’ll have to do a return and wait to receive the correct one.  Most of the cables look very similar so you cannot always tell just from looking at it.

Give us a call and we will be happy to let you know if your new phone system needs a different direct connect cable or perhaps an amplifier so that you can get your headset working again.

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