Introducing New Poly Calisto 5300 Speakerphones

Imagine a speakerphone so flexible, you can take it with you wherever you go, turning your current location into a mobile office. Now imagine you could take that power and flexibility and add it to Microsoft Teams meetings?

That’s what we’ve done alright.  We’ve improved the Poly Calisto experience even further by introducing the Calisto 5300. This personal portable speakerphone adds Bluetooth technology which lets you connect ALL your devices. It also has USB corded connectivity as well, meaning you can also simply plug-and-play, regardless of whether you’re stationary in an office, or on the go using your cell phone.

In addition to clear calls, multimedia sounds amazing with an amplified speaker and wide frequency response

Plus, we know you want to separate from your competition. Here’s how the Poly Calisto 5300 can help, better multimedia performance thanks to its wider frequency response and up to 16 hours of talk time it’s the perfect companion to take with you wherever works takes you.​

Shop the Calisto 5300 here >>>

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