Cut Out The Noise! The Best ANC Headsets for Noisy Office Environments

There can be a lot of positives to working in a large bull pen or open atmosphere office.  Some examples might be the pride that comes from being part of a great team; being able to bounce thoughts and ideas off co-workers and floor managers, and with hard work seeing those ideas flourish – Improving things for the company, customers, co-workers and you.  It’s great! You know what is not so great…when you are trying to deal with the never ending On-Your-Last-Nerve, NOISE.  All those voices bouncing off the ceiling and walls are not making your job any easier when you’re trying to listen intently and respond to your caller.

Lucky for you Plantronics has some incredible headsets that whisk that noise problem away.  Truly! You’ll be able to concentrate and focus on your tasks, your calls, hear yourself think and it will help you achieve your daily goals…all because you now have an Active Noise Canceling (ANC) headset.  You’ll still be able to be part of the team – and be involved, but you won’t have to sacrifice your hearing comfort or focusing ability anymore.

Here are a few models of the best ANC headsets for you to check out:

Plantronics wireless Savi W8220 – works with desk phones, pc and mobile devices. With the active noise canceling function on, the outside world will quiet down dramatically. It will just be you and your caller. When you do want to be a part of your team – you don’t even have to remove the headset; just turn off the ANC and you’ll be able to hear your surroundings clearly.

Plantronics Bluetooth Voyager FOCUS UC – works with pc and mobile device and with the MDA220 – most desk phones. The sound is incredible with this headset – very comfortable for all day wear and also has that wonderful ANC feature. It’s a win win!

Plantronics  Bluetooth Voyager 8200 UC – works with pc and mobile devise and with the MDA220 – most desk phones.  This headset completely surrounds and seals your ears for a true headphone experience. It also has a boomless microphone, using laser technology and four microphones to pick up your voice. Using the ANC will really submerse you with your caller.

Plantronics has also just release the Blackwire corded BW7225 USB headset. It works with your USB connection and also has ANC function.

Please give us a call and we’ll be happy to go over the headsets with Active Noise Canceling  and together we’ll find the perfect one for you. You deserve it…and your caller will thank you!

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