Which headset is right for your company’s needs?

The world of headsets can be overwhelming.  There are so many wearing styles to choose from; which headset technology will allow your people to delivery their best for your company?


To determine which headset is right, you’ll need to discuss and address the needs and functions that are important for your company when it comes to your headsets.


As example, do you want your people to be able to move around the office while still on a call? Also, if you want them to be mobile would you like them to be able to pick up incoming calls and hang up their calls whether they are standing at the copier or 350 ft away from their phones, all by using just their headset? Or perhaps you believe your company is better served with your employees staying at their desks for any phone or PC work that is needed.


Another thought would be the work environment they are in. Is it very loud or more on the quiet side? If you have a call center or bull pin set up you’ll want to take the louder noise into consideration and get a headset that will help block that sound out.  If they are in cubicles or offices, and the din is low, you might not need as much ear coverage.


Another important consideration looking down the road, as your company grows, what direction do you see your communication needs heading?  You should consider getting a headset that will work with your hard desk phone as well as having a USB connection and mobile device abilities; that way your company won’t have any lag time once they decide to implement those functions. You’ll be prepared and productive from the get-go!


You’ll want to take a look at the NEW SAVI W8210 and SAVI W8220 headsets when putting together your comparisons of which headset is right. These headsets do it all, and have incredible audio quality. Please check out the links and call us so we can assist you with the best choices for your company.


You may just like having one ear covered with a headband for stability while still wanting to hear around you. The W8210 is the one you’d want:


If you want to really be able to focus on your call you may want the W8220 headset so both of your ears are well covered:

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