Best Selling Headsets Q2-2019

Best selling headset lists are assembled to help users gain from the experience of others.  Typically when a company purchases headsets, they are simply adding to their existing supply.  The larger the company the more testing they’ve done.  So small companies and first time purchasers now have a way to gain insight as to what others already trust.  The below best selling headsets are the top sellers you can consider as solid business grade headset options.

The following best selling headsets were generated from sales recorded quarter two of 2019:

most popular wireless headsets


1) Plantronics CS540 Wireless Headset:  If you need a headset built around versatility and light-weight, the CS540 will be a strong contender.  The headset comes with an adjustable headband and multiple ear loops/ear gels.  This gives you the ability to wear over-the-headset or over-the-ear with different sized pieces for a perfect wearing fit.  If you’re new to headsets or want to offer your users choices, the CS540 takes the guess-work out of which wearing style is best because both are included.

hands free communication2) Plantronics Blackwire C3220 Corded USB Headset: If you need a budget-friendly headset for computer use in a loud environment, the C3220 will be a finalist in your options.  Covering up both ears with foam cushions will help your users hear better and focus on their caller instead of what’s happening around them.  With easy to use inline controls, it makes for a great entry level headset for large VoIP softphone deployments.  This headset comes with a 2-year warranty so your headset investment will be covered should you ever have issues.

business productivity3) Plantronics HW510 Corded Headset: The HW510 is one of the most popular headsets in the business world because of it’s great sound quality, long lasting durability, and versatility as it is compatible with almost any device with the appropriate bottom amplifier or direct connect cable.  With one ear open you can easily have conversations with co-workers and stay in tune with what’s going on in the office.  The soft foam cushion and adjustable headband will make for all-day wearing comfort when using the Plantronics HW510.


4) Plantronics HW540 Corded Headset: If you’re not sure what wearing style you our your staff will prefer, the CS540 is the perfect option. It’s light-weight and offers three different options.  Most users tell us they try them all and one stands out to be their favorite.  This saves you time and money when everything your not having to return models and re-order different wearing styles.  Make everyone happy in your office and give them the choice of wearing styles.  They will be more receptive and excited to use their new headset.

5) HamiltonBuhl MS2LV Stereo Headphone with In-Line Volume: Schools are now required to do assessment testing and the best way to have students focused, which improves scores, is to use a headphone that covers both ears.  The HS2LV is light-weight, covers both ears and is a very economical headphone.  It also uses a 3.5mm plug to make it very universal and avoid the need to install drivers and worry about USB compatibility.  In-line volume controls allow students to easily adjust sound to a comfortable volume.


office headsets6) Plantronics HW520 Corded Headset: If you need to outfit a large office or call center, the HW520 is a must have.  It’s made for the business world with it’s durability, adjustable noise-canceling microphone and soft foam cushions.  Users will be able to block out background noise and focus on their callers. This makes the gathering of information more accurate and take less time as you don’t need to ask for information to be repeated.  The HW520 can be used with any deskphone or VoIP softphone when you add the appropriate connecting cable or amplifier.

most popular headphones7) Plantronics HW710 Corded Headset: Heavy phones users appreciate the EncorePro 700 series with its comfortable design, great audio quality and telescoping microphone.  With the adjustable headset and leatherette ear cushion, you can configure the headset for all-day wearing to the point you will forget you’re even wearing it.  Certainly, the audio quality is the best Plantronics has to offer. Your callers will come across crystal clear call after call.  The telescoping microphone allows you to position the microphone perfectly 1/4 inch away from the edge of of your mouth so your caller hears you while reducing background noise by up to 75%.

popular headsets to buy8) Plantronics HW251N Corded Headset: The HW251N has been the workhouse for many years.  It’s perfect for business use and call center abuse.  It sounds great and holds up well.  The adjustable headband and microphone allow the user to fit specifically to their head size and shape allowing them a comfortable fit to extended wearing.  With the noise-canceling microphone, your callers will hear you clearly and block out most of the background noise.  There’s nothing more distracting to a caller than hearing everything going on in the background of your office being random office chatter or more importantly confidential information.

9) Plantronics HW510V Corded Headset: If you work in a quieter environment or if you want your callers hearing the excitement and buzz of your co-workers closing deals, the HW510V is the headset for you.  It has a standard microphone that picks up your voice and anything in your background.  The HW510V will be the most budget friendly headset within the EncorePro HW500 series of headsets because it lacks a noise canceling microphone.  If you need to block out background noise, you will want to consider the HW510.


10) Plantronics Blackwire C3225 Corded USB Headset: The C3225 USB headset is built to be versatile.  It allows you to connect to a PC for VoIP Softphone use, as well as mobile devices that use a 3.5mm connection.  With inline volume, mute and call controls, you can manage calls quickly and easily.  Leatherette ear cushions and and adjustable headset will ensure an extremely comfortable fit.

Conclusions of our best selling headsets list for Q2-2019

Use our list of best selling headsets as a guide to learn what others are currently purchasing. This also is a great starting point to what headsets to consider.  With so many manufacturers and models to choose from, it can quickly become overwhelming.  Above all, we’re always available to offer advise. Our staff of certified headset experts strive to find the right headset for your personal needs and work environment with your initial purchase.


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