APU-76 EHS Cable for Wireless Headsets

How can the Plantronics APU-76 cable adapt to your changing world?

If you’re the proud owner of one of our Plantronics CS500 family of wireless headsets you must be using it with a compatible desk phone and not aware of the benefits of the APU-76.  That series of wireless headsets are great and allow you to roam 350 ft from your desk phone. It’s so convenient to be able to be part of a conversation and not have to put your call on hold because you need to make a quick photo copy or grab a file from the cabinet in the other room. Makes work hours so much more productive and enjoyable.

Plantronics APU-76 EHS Cable - 211076-01

If your company has decided to move from a hard desk phone to a Softphone on your computer, and the desk phone will no longer be needed, you’ll be happy to know that you can still use your CS540 or CS520, CS530 or CS510 wireless headsets with the new Softphone set up.

Ideally, moving to the Savi W700 or W8200 series would be the best choice for that change, but if your budget can’t allow that just yet, you do have another option.

Take a look at the EHS Cable, APU-76


This little cable will enable you to still be able to use your CS500 series headset with your computer!

You’ll just connect one end of the cable into the back of your headsets charging base and the other end of the cable has a USB connection that fits into your computer. Now you’ll be able answer your calls on your Softphone and still use the headset you’ve loved when you used a desk phone.

The only thing to be aware of is that if you haven’t transitioned over to the Softphone completely and you still need to use your hard desk phone too, you will only be able to use this EHS APU-76 cable one function at a time. When it’s hooked up to the computer you would not be able to use your headset with your hard desk phone and vise versa.

We do hope you’ll give us a call and let us help you with any compatibility questions you may have, and when you are ready to upgrade your headset, we would enjoy getting to help you pick out the functions and wearing style that suit you best.

Download Plantronics PC software for your APU-76 at: Hub Windows/Mac


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