Best Selling Headsets Q1-2019

Best selling headset lists can be hard to come by, but can greatly benefit customers in a place to start when shopping for headsets.  As a result, Headsets Direct has specialized in the headset industry since 1996.   Having a wide variety of customers enables us to provide solutions from single individuals to large contact/call centers.  Tabulating the most popular headsets will assist new customers with models to consider as a stating point.  Give us a call to make sure your specific needs are met regarding your environment, wearing styles, budget and over-all purpose you need from your headsets.

The following best selling headsets were generated from sales recorded quarter one of 2019:

best selling headsets

1) Plantronics SupraPlus HW261N Headset: Compatible with: desk phones, PC & mobile devices (bottom cable or amp required). The Plantronics HW261N is a very popular corded headset for large contact centers and call centers.  Covering both ears allows agents to easily hear and focus exclusively on their callers.  Soft foam ear cushions allow for all-day comfort while upgrading to leatherette ear cushions provide even greater comfort.  The adjustable headband allows for the perfect fit. The microphone can be bent allowing for perfect mic positioning which is 1/4 inch from the edge of your mouth.  The mic boom has two microphones; the primary mic faces the users mouth and the mic on the backside targets background noise.  Furthermore, this allows the circuity of the HW261N to eliminate up to 75% of the background noise making your voice come thought crisp and clear to your caller.

most popular wireless headsets2) Plantronics CS540 Wireless Headset: Compatible with: desk phones. The Plantronics CS540 is a popular wireless headset for it’s multiple wearing options, light-weight design and great sound quality.  With crystal clear audio, callers will never know your on a wireless headset.  You will find tremendous value in wireless headsets as you enjoy the benefits of being able to roam your office.  This keeps your callers from spending time on hold and you run about the office gathering information and consulting co-workers.  With the CS540, you take your caller with you and mute the microphone as needed.  The rechargeable and replaceable battery offers 7-hours of talk time and at the end of your day you simply dock it into the base/charger for a full charge to start your next morning.

business productivity3) Plantronics HW510 Corded Headset: Compatible with: desk phones, PC & mobile devices (bottom cable or amp required). The Plantronics HW510 is a staple in any call center or business setting.  Being part of the EncorePro series, it’s the latest generation Plantronics has available offering laser welded construction for unbeatable toughness, a flexible microphone, and soft foam cushions for all-day comfort.  With one ear open to your surrounding environment, you can easily converse with co-workers and stay tuned in with what’s happening around you.  Weighing only 52 grams, it’s light-weight yet durable and made for the riggers of any busy office or call center environment.  The headset cable terminates with a Plantronics Quick-Disconnect connection allowing you to add a compatible bottom amplifier or cable to meet the needs of your specific application.  USB cables are also available if your company is moving to a VoIP solution and want to stay with high-end business grade headsets.

popular headsets to buy4) Plantronics HW251N Corded Headset: Compatible with: desk phones, PC & mobile devices (bottom cable or amp required). The Plantronics HW251N has been the envy of all competitors when it comes to a business grade headset that provides the ultimate headset in quality, durability, and over-all performance.  At some point in 2019, Plantronics will discontinue the HW251N as it’s replacement, the HW510, has been available for some time now.  Covering one ear keeps your other ear open and aware of what’s going on around you.  You can quickly converse with co-works to help each other though the busiest of day.  The headset comes with a foam cushion that you can replace as needed or upgrade to a leatherette option.  The headband is adjustable and bendable to fit anyone looking for a secure, comfortable fit.  The noise-canceling microphone cuts down on your background noise and ensures your caller hears your voice crisply and clearly.

hands free communication5) Plantronics Blackwire C3220 Corded USB Headset: Compatible with: desk phones & PC’s using USB port.  The Plantronics C3220 USB headset is the first USB headset to make our best selling headsets list.  It’s an entry level product that’s very friendly on  the budget.  With an adjustable headband and bendable microphone, you can quickly and easily position the headset for perfect mic pick-up and all day comfort.  Covering both ears will greatly help users focus on their callers and avoid background distractions.  The inline controls include volume +, volume -, mute an call control.  With call control you can start and end calls with a quick push of a button when using compatible softphones.

office headsets6) Plantronics HW520 Corded Headset: Compatible with: desk phones, PC & mobile devices (bottom cable or amp required). The Plantronics HW520 is engineered for loud environments where covering both ears not only helps the users hear, but will greatly reduce the over-all volume of the room.  As a result, if users hear less noise in the room, they will naturally lower their talking volume feeling they don’t have to talk over each other for their callers to hear them.  The Plantronics HW520 is the newer version of the Plantronics HW261N which was listed #1 in our rankings.  The headband and microphone are both adjustable allowing users to settle in for long shifts with a very comfortable headset.  The noise canceling microphone will reduce up to 75% of your background noise allowing callers to hear you clearly while minimizing the need to repeat information.  Consequently, when you and your caller hear each other more clearly, it also reduces mistakes with incorrect information being communicated.

computer headsets7) Plantronics Blackwire C3210 Corded USB Headset: Compatible with: desk phones & PC’s using USB port.  The Plantronics C3210 USB headset is the single-ear option of the above C3220 on our list of best selling headsets.  The single ear version works well for users that need to regularly interact with each other and stay involved with happenings in the office.  The headset and microphone are adjustable for perfect positioning and all-day wearing.  The inline controls allow you to adjust volume for VoIP calls quickly by pressing the volume buttons.  This is important for heavy call users because headsets without inline controls require users to adjust settings within your PC’s operating system which is typically slow and may not even be accessible.

VoIP headsets8) Plantronics Blackwire C5220 Corded USB Headset: Compatible with: desk phones & PC’s using USB & 3.5mm ports.  The Plantronics C5220 USB headset takes comfort and performance up a notch from the C3220 listed above at #5 on our best selling headsets list.  The C5220 is ideal for all-day use, long conference calls or when streaming your favorite music.  With over-sized cushions, you easy block out distracting noise around you allowing you to focus on what you’re listening to.  The cleverly designed headset has a metal band at the top to hold shape and a secure fit while the padded headband rests comfortably on top of your head.  You have convenient inline controls so you can quickly adjust volume, mute your microphone and have call control with compatible software.  You can also detach the lower portion of the cable and plug the C5220 directly into any 3.5mm mobile phone or table.  When ordering, you will have the choice of purchasing the traditional USB-A connection or the newer USB-C.

USB corded ear pieces9) Plantronics Blackwire C435-M Corded USB Headset: Compatible with desk phones & PC’s using USB port.  First of all, the Plantronics C435-M USB headset is unique in that it can be configured as a single-ear headset or dual-ear.  Also, this offers great flexibility to change on the fly as your environment and noise levels change.  The C435-M, like other members of the Plantronics Blackwire series have inline volume, mute and call controls.  This greatly eases your ability to take calls and adjust volumes as needed.  The bendable microphone allows for perfect mic positioning approximately 1/4 of an inch from the edge of your mouth.  In contrast to more traditional headband style headsets, the ear loops and speaker/microphone are very small.  This makes for a very light-weigh and low-profile headset.  The -M of this model indicates it’s compatible with Microsoft Skype for business. Most notably, it will automatically configure the software for headset use once plugged in.  A standard Plantronics C435 also exists for non-Microphone Skype users.

most popular headphones10) Plantronics HW710 Corded Headset: Compatible with: desk phones, PC & mobile devices (bottom cable or amp required). The Plantronics HW710 is a member of the premium series of headsets offered by Plantronics.  This series gives you leatherette cushions for greater comfort, an adjustable microphone that also extends to ensure perfect mic positioning.  The HW710 has superior audio quality making for crystal clear calls and helps reduce listening fatigue.  It is truly the “Best of the Best” when it comes to business grade headsets.  Also, with all H-series headsets, your headset terminates with a Quick-Disconnect connection.  This allows you to add an amplifier or cable to meet the compatibility needs of your device or application.


Conclusions of our best selling headsets list for Q1-2019

Use this list as a guide to learn about what others are currently purchasing and as a starting point to what headsets to consider.  With so many manufacturers and models to choose from, it can quickly become overwhelming.  Above all, we’re always available to offer advise. With our staff of certified headset experts, we strive to find the right headset for your personal needs and work environment with your initial purchase.


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