Need Headsets with Unlimited Talk Time and More?

If you have a super busy day, and find you are on your phone nonstop all day long, then you may find the standard talking time of most wireless headsets just isn’t enough for you. Do you work through your breaks; lunches and have often have extended work hours? Then you need a headset that will do the same and be ready when you need it.

You’ll want to take a look at Plantronics CS545-XD Unlimited Talk Wireless System

This headset will carry you through the longest of days and keep you on track and productive. It eliminated any worries that you’ll lose a call due to low battery.

This headset comes with accessories so you can change up the way you wear it. Everything comes in the box so you can attach the soft, leatherette, single ear cushion for over your head or chose from the assortment of ear tips and ear loops to find that perfect fit so you can wear your headset over your ear.

The CS545-XD also comes with an extra battery and charging cable – and that’s the key to having unlimited talk time. Just keep your extra battery charged with the cable and it will be ready to swap out when you hear the alert (beeping in your ear) from your headset to let you know your battery is getting low. Changing out the battery only takes a few seconds and you are set for another 7 hours! You will attach the low battery to the charging cable and it will be charged and ready for you when you need it again.  It’s a workaholic’s dream!

An added plus is that you will not have to deal with interference when you have more than 38 wireless headsets in the same area (standard CS540 density limitation).  Because the CS545-XD runs on a difference frequency, you can simultaneously use up to 54 wireless headsets in an office space. This is great for large call centers or larger companies with open floor plans.

So if you are looking for a headset that will make your working time the most productive it can be by helping you use utilize the hours in your day, the CS545-XD is a very wise choice.

Give us a call and we’ll get you set up with a great headset and excellent service.

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