Headset solutions for hearing issues or loud surroundings

What is a Great Corded Headset Solution for People with Hearing Issues or loud surroundings?

This is probably one of the most frequent questions that we get, and the frustration level for the user can be high by the time they get us involved. There is nothing more disheartening then trying to focus on your caller, making sure you’re hearing everything clearly and not asking that they repeat themselves, yet all you pick up is the conversations going on around you.  The good news is we do have a solution that works well for many people, and the cost is quite reasonable for the peace of mind it brings back to you.

It just takes a few pieces, working together, to help reduce the volume of that loud co-worker or the poor acoustic surroundings in your office.

The 1st item you need is the M22 Vista Amplifier. It’s a very important component in this set up. It will improve the sound in your speakers by 34 decibels and for anyone struggling with their hearing that is a tremendous help.  You’ll want to call us 1st though, just to make sure it’s compatible with the phone you’re using.

Next up is the headset you’ll need. It’s important that it be a dual ear headset.  We recommend the HW520 EncorePro headset. It’s an excellent business grade headset, with great speakers and a noise canceling microphone. The HW520 is also a Dual Ear Headset. That is important for this to work well.  Also, the third item needed will fit this headset well.

The last item needed is the large Circumaural Ear Cushions. These cushions are oval in shape and large enough to completely cover and encircle your ears. That helps to seal out surrounding sound. If you wear over the ear hearing aids or in the ear hearing aids they won’t be bothered or have any unpleasant pressure put on them.

That’s all you need. This solution will allow you to focus and be responsive to your caller and business.  Please give us a call should you have any questions. We are always happy to help anyway we can.

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