The Right Choice for Your Home Office Headsets

Everything You Need to Know About Home Office Headsets


Home Office Wireless HeadsetsYou did it!  You’ve decided to work from home and you are excited about setting up your surroundings so you will be able to focus without distractions and be successful working from your home.

You just need to consider the following when it comes to how you’ll be communicating with your clients and customers.

Will you be using your smart phone as your primary line, or perhaps there will be times you need to dictate with speech recognition software on your PC?  Will you be using a corded desk phone as well? Or perhaps you will need to incorporate all three functions into your work environment?

Getting a wireless headset will give you the best options for productivity, convenience and function.  If you want to be able to use your headset with your smart phone, PC or MAC and a traditional corded desk phone with landline – then the Savi W700 Series is an excellent choice.

You’ll be investing in a headset that will sound fantastic, even up to 350 ft from your phone, and give you peace of mind that you’ll be able to communicate with ease, using your Savi W700 wireless headset.

Here are some models for you to check out.

The W745 will give you unlimited talk time and (3) different wearing styles included!


If you don’t need that much talk time, but like the freedom to choose different wearing styles then W740 is great:


Some people only want an over the ear/in the ear style so the W730 is perfect:


If you want to really be able to focus on your call you may want the W8220 headset so both of your ears are well covered:


You may just like having one ear covered with a headband for stability; but still want to hear around you. The W8210 is the one you’d want:


Whichever style you choose you will be thrilled with your Savi W700 & W8200 series wireless home office headsets.  It will greatly improve your ability to embrace whatever telecommunication path your company is moving down.

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