Plantronics C725 USB Computer/PC Headset – Introduction, Features and Benefits.

Plantronics C725 USB Computer/PC Headset:

The new Plantronics Blackwire C725 USB Headset is a dual-ear headset that has a microphone.  One great thing about the C725 is how easy this headset is to put on, configure, and adjust. The speakers rotate out, so they can be easily adjusted for each person.  The headset has extremely soft leatherette ear cushions, which are perfect for all-day wearing comfort.  The microphone rotates up and down and is very flexible.  The headband is very soft, very cushy is the best way to describe it, so it’s really made for all-day wearing comfort.

The C725 also has sensors in it, so if you are using this with your software phone system, or a cloud-based computer, the smart sensors are very helpful.  When you put the headset on, it actually knows you have it on, and it will answer the call.  Because this headset has smart sensors, you need to work out the compatibility with your particular software.

The inline volume controls are on the cord. You have call controls, so again, if you have compatible software, it really makes it nice, so you can just push a button to take a call. You have mute control, and there is a toggle up and toggle down for your speaker volume. So you don’t have to waste time fumbling with your mouse or keyboard, trying to get into your control panel settings to turn the volume up or down, it is all right there, right at your fingertips. There is a belt clip on the back of the controls, so you can attach it to the side of your belt, so you know exactly where it is all the time.

The C725 is a computer headset, so the end of the cable has a USB connection to plug into your computer. That USB connection makes it great for VOIP applications, if you are using cloud-based technology. This headset is a dual-ear headset.  The dual-ear configuration is a big benefit If you are in a contact center or call center, where you would want to cover up both ears so you can really focus on your callers.

The biggest feature on the Blackwire C725 is this headset has one more switch, the ANC, or Active Noise-Canceling switch. This technology creates a background noise, almost like a white noise, so it cuts down on the noise around you. This is the first time Plantronics has come out with a headset that really helps the user in louder environments. We have always had the noise-canceling microphones, but that benefits the caller, so they can hear you more clearly, which this headset has also. This is the first time a headset has had Active Noise Canceling, and ANC benefits the user.  So when you flip the ANC switch, you will actually hear something like a low frequency harmonic hum, is the best way to describe it, but not annoying or intrusive in any way.  It efficiently takes away a lot of the background noise around you; that noise just kind of disappears. So you will be able to hear through the headset much more clearly, especially in a loud environment.

Again, this is the Plantronics Blackwire C725 with Active Noise-Canceling technology. It also has smart sensors, dual ear, and a noise-canceling mic. This is an extremely comfortable headset. It has Hi-Fi stereo, so if you enjoy listening to music through your PC, it would be a great headset to look at and consider.


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