Plantronics Voyager Edge UC Bluetooth Headset – Introduction, Features and Benefits Video.

Plantronics Voyager Edge UC Bluetooth Headset:

There are two versions of the Plantronics Voyager Edge UC headset.   There is the standard Voyager Edge, where you receive only the headset and pair it to a mobile phone, tablet, or whatever Bluetooth device you have. The second version is the Voyager Edge UC which also includes a case for charging and a dongle, which stores at the bottom of the case and plugs into your PC.  So you can use this second headset on your mobile phone, and you can also plug it into your PC. So it gives you two different devices in which to plug the headset, to cover two different applications; more on that later.

The Voyager Edge headset is very small and very light weight. It has pliable ear tips that easily fit into your ear; small, medium, and large ear tips are included with the headset. There is also an ear loop that can go around your ear, if you feel the ear tips are just not secure enough for you.

One really great feature about the Voyager Edge is that this headset has three microphones.  That means it really cuts down on background noise. When you are outside in the wind and you turn your head a certain direction, your caller can hear the wind whistling. You may actually hear it back through your headset.  The Voyager Edge UC has triple mics, which do a great job of eliminating that noise.

A little about the features of this headset. There is a true on/off slide switch that will turn green when the headset is turned on, so you don’t have to guess if you are turning your headset on or off with a push button.  There is also a volume up and a volume down. There is a button on the bottom to use as a mute button to mute the microphone.  It also acts to give commands to the headset; for instance, if you want to check the battery status, or if you want to see if it is connected to your cell phone.  There is a list of commands that come with the Voyager Edge, and all you have to do is push the button and say a command, and it whispers back the information to you.

The Voyager Edge UC headset is also smart.  If you have the headset sitting on your desk, and you put it on when your phone rings, the sensors in the headset know that you have put the headset on, and it will answer the call. This is extremely convenient, so you don’t have to fumble with buttons, you can just put the headset on to answer a call. If you are the kind of person that wears a headset all the time, and you have it connected to your contacts in your phone, it will announce who the caller is, and at that point you can simply say answer or ignore. If you are in the car, going down the road, you don’t have to fumble with your phone, the Voyager Edge UC announces who is calling, and you can say, answer or ignore.

Here are the specs on the Voyager Edge UC headset; you have six hours of talk time, seven days of standby time, and ten hours of additional charge available with the case.  The case actually has a battery as well, so you can charge both the headset and the case together, and that gives you 16 hours of total talk time. So when you are not using your headset, you can pop it back in the case, and it will start recharging, so that’s 16 total hours of talk time.

The headset only weighs 9 grams, and as was mentioned before, it has a neat set up with the storage of the USB dongle in the bottom of the case.  It makes for a great headset for people who are on the run. You have the Voyager Edge as your every day Bluetooth headset, and you take the case with the dongle with you, and you pop it into your lap top, and the headset becomes your PC headset. So this is a great solution for people that are using VOIP, softphones, or any cloud-based type of systems where you talk through your computer more often.  You can easily switch between using the Voyager Edge as your VOIP solution headset, and then when you’re on your cell phone, it’s back to your standard cell phone headset. Again, this is the Plantronics Voyager Edge UC.

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