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Top Five Plantronics Headsets in March 2014

At Headsets Direct, we obviously sell a lot of headsets…and we are excited to share with you the Top Selling Headsets for March 2014. All of them are top performing Plantronics business-grade headsets. Take a look and be sure to let us know if you have any questions or if you are ready to add any of these top performers to your every day routine!

HW251N Corded Headset

1) HW251N SupraPlus

The HW251N headset is an outstanding headset for people working in call centers with its noise-canceling microphone.  The headband is adjustable to fit all head sizes.

CS540 Wireless Headset

2) CS540 Wireless

One of our best-selling headsets, the CS540 Wireless Headset helps increase your productivity by allowing you to talk hands free, so you can find documentation, files or anything else away from your desk you need without putting your call on hold.  Add a handset lifter and you can answer and complete your calls remotely, allowing for a more efficient and productive work environment.

HW251 Corded Headset

3) HW251 SupraPlus

The Plantronics HW251 headset is a great commercial-grade wired/corded headset.  The HW251 is very lightweight and comfortable.  It covers one ear, so you can stay in touch with others around you.


4) M22 Vista Headset Amplifier

Using the M22 amplifier with your H-Series headset will provide the best possible sound quality giving your complete control over your speaker and microphone volumes.  The M22 is compatible with most multi-line business phones, used 2 AA batters for power and plugs into any H-series headset at the Plantronics quick disconnect connection.

HW261N Corded Headset

5) HW261N SupraPlus

The HW261N headset is particularly valuable for workers in call centers or any noisy environment.  This corded headset covers both ears, so you can concentrate on your call and not be distracted.


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