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Plantronics GameCom Headsets Update 2013

A while back (check our Blog Central) we discussed what Plantronics had to offer in the GameCom line of headsets.  Well, it’s time for an update.  Today we’re concentrating on three new models: GameCom 380, Gamecom 780 and GameCom Commander.  Whether you’re a casual gamer or one who likes to immerse himself in the sport, one of these new headsets is sure to fit your style.  So, if you’re ready for the tour, strap yourself in and let’s get going!


Good: GameCom 380 stereo gaming headset

1.  It has 3.5mm audio and headphone plugs for simple plug-and-play connectivity.

2.  40mm speakers allow for a deep stereo sound in which you can immerse yourself.

3.  A super noise-canceling microphone allows your friends, or foes, to clearly hear your calls.

4.  The mute and volume controls located on the ear are easy to reach so you stay focused.

5.  Superhero-strength cords and joints, and ultra-comfortable ear cushions and headband make playing or just  listening to music a most pleasant experience.


Better: GameCom 780 surround sound gaming headset,

1.  It’s 40mm speakers, along with Dolby 7.1 surround sound and Pro Logic llx technology, give you that deep bass and immersive stereo sound that’s perfect for the serious gamer.

2.  Speaking of sound quality, the USB connection allows for digital clarity and a noise-canceling microphone kills the background noise so your commands can be clearly heard.

3.  Easy-to-reach controls located on the ear, superhero-strength cords and joints and ultra-comfortable ear cushions round out the features that make the GameCom 780 perfect for gaming, music or calls.  It’s swivel-mounted speakers also make for easy storage and stowage.


Le crème de la crème: GameCom Commander,

1.  It’s everything that a gaming headset should be, from tournament-ready noise isolation, game audio, and voice communication to the custom travel case for easy storage and display.

2.  You have HD stereo with extended frequency response from its 40mm closed-ear design drivers that immerse you in Dolby 7.1 surround sound through a USB sound card.

3.  The noise-canceling ruggedized microphone guarantees that your team clearly hears every mission-critical command without distraction.

4.  All the GameCom Commander components are durable and lightweight, including the customizable headband identity patch.  Perfect for maximum comfort during all those lengthy gaming sessions.

5.  Finally, you include QuickDisconnect adapters that allow you to switch between PC, smartphone and tablet, 3.5mm plugs for analog compatibility, inline volume and mute controls at your fingertips and a 6.5 foot partially coiled cord…and what do you get?  That competitive edge that world-class gamers, such as yourself, need, no crave, to stay at the top of their game!

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