The Plantronics Blackwire C435, a Computer Stereo Headset That Can Be Worn Without a Headband, Could It Be True?

Yes, it is called the Blackwire C435 Computer Headset, and it is amazing.  I know many people do not like the headband style for various reasons, but they want to have the stereo sound that comes with it.  The Blackwire C435 Computer Headset  has the option of being worn Monaural or Binaural as it comes in two pieces (see link below to view the headset).  The Blackwire C435 has excellent sound quality, a noise-canceling microphone, Wideband Audio which makes your voice come through crystal clear. and the dynamic EQ feature which automatically adjusts the music volume.  The inline indicator allows you to answer/end or mute calls with ease, and the indicator light will show whether the call is muted or not.

This amazing headset also comes with a durable traveling case so you can take it wherever you go, and not only is the case small and discreet, so is the headset!   You can plug the headset into whatever computer you are using in your travels, and you are good to go, it’s that easy.  If you need a headset that is compatible with Microsoft Lync or Office Communicator then you can choose the Blackwire C435-M.

As you can see on our website (see link below), you really can have it all; comfort, style, amazing sound and voice clarity, along with many different wearing options.

For more information, please see:  Plantronics Blackwire C435 Computer Headset

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