Plantronics Blackwire C720 UC Headset (PC + Mobile)

I was really excited about the Blackwire C710 and Blackwire C720 headsets when Plantronics finally released information on them. We receive calls from time to time from customers asking for either a headband style or a dual-ear style headset for their Bluetooth mobile devices.  These headsets will cover both options plus work with your PC or laptop.  The headset has a detachable USB cord for when you would like to switch from your PC to your Bluetooth.

The headsets will seamlessly manage calls to and from your PC and mobile devices.  Smart Sensor technology lets you answer a call by simply putting the headset on.  You can also answer a call by tapping the mobile phone/PC talk button on the cord of the headset, if you are already wearing the headset.  You can switch from PC to Bluetooth with just a push of a button, if you are using a PC soft phone application and a call comes in from your Bluetooth device (there will be a beep in the headset).  Just tap the PC talk button once to end the call, and tap the mobile phone button to answer the mobile call.  It works the same way from mobile to PC.  The headset has indicator lights to let you know when a call is coming in and when you are on a call.  The cord on the headset offers an inline control switch for volume (+/-), mute, and answer/end calls.  Both the C710 and the C720 have noise-canceling microphones.  The C720 dual-ear headset offers hi-fi sound.  The C710 single-ear headset can be worn on either ear.

On the Bluetooth side of the headset, you will get up to ten hours of talk time with up to ten hours of standby time.  You get up to six hours of listening time (A2DP).  You can easily pause your mobile device’s media player by taking the headset off and start it back up by placing the headset back on your head.

If you receive a call from both your PC and your mobile, you can choose which call you would like to answer by tapping the corresponding button.

When charging your headset, it is best to place your headset on a flat non-metallic surface.  This will allow your headset to calibrate while charging.  It takes approximately two hours to get a full charge.

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