How to Use Your Dect 6 Wireless Headset on the Road

At the company staff meeting you discover that your job is going to be more mobile, following the trend of many businesses today.  You have a CS540 (or perhaps a Savi W740) wireless headset sitting on your office desk and want, no need, to use it with your laptop wherever work takes you.  The question is: How?

With a couple extra pieces of equipment your headset will go anywhere your laptop goes.  The first item, the USB Deluxe Headset Charger is optional, depending on how long you’re going to be away from the office.  There is a custom version USB Deluxe Charging Kit for the Savi W740 that comes with a spare battery, if you’re really long-winded.  The second one, the D100 USB Wireless Headset Adapter, is your ticket to productivity on the go.  Since the headset and adapter use the same frequency, pairing them isn’t a problem.  So, what are the steps to using the adapter to connect your wireless headset to your PC/Laptop?  Let’s see.

Insert the D100 USB Adapter into any USB port on your PC/Laptop (the indicator light, or strip around the adapter, will be solid red indicating that it’s powered on).

Take the headset off the base, making sure it’s turned off and not linked to the base.

Press the subscription button on the tip of the D100 USB Adapter twice (the indicator light will start flashing red and green).

Press and hold the volume button on the headset up (press it down if worn on the left ear) for about three seconds or until the LED indicator light turns solid white.

When the D100 USB Adapter indicator light turns solid green, the headset and adapter are subscribed and can start talking to each other.

To make sure the process was successful turn on your headset.  The headset LED will flash white and the D100 USB Adapter light will flash green.

Now that you have everything connected and working, here’s an important note.  It’s recommended that Windows be updated with these Service Pack levels depending on the operating system you’re using: Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) or later, or Microsoft Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1) or later.  Also, there is a Microsoft Lync (Microsoft Office Communicator (MOC) version available as well.

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