Need 100+ USB Headsets? Poly DA85 & HW520 Combo $69.94ea
(Regularly $153.21) Call for details!

Headsets use Spokes SDK Software to Integrate User Proximity and Call Control into Applications.

Streamlined solution for knowledge workers utilizing the Plantronics Voyager Pro UC and Interactive Intelligence software to integrate user proximity and call control into applications.

As companies migrate from traditional desk phone-only use cases to a unified communications (UC) infrastructure, organizations today need flexibility and new ways to leverage existing technology. The task of maximizing a company’s original investment in traditional voice communications, while enabling a new generation of knowledge workers who leverage multiple devices is often a daunting task. Furthermore, increasing pressure to improve the user support experience often creates the need to optimize employee productivity to meet all internal economic and customer facing requirements.

Interactive Intelligence has established an integrated streamlined solution for knowledge workers that utilize the Plantronics Voyager Pro UC and their software to integrate user proximity and call control into their application. By updating the user status, based on the state detected by the audio device, users are identified as busy if on a mobile call, and other incoming calls can be re-routed to available agents. If users remove their audio device, or move out of the effective range from their work station, Interactive Intelligence software can also intelligently terminate the user’s ability to receive calls, and ensure that customers are routed to someone who could help them.

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