Top Five Plantronics Headsets/Headset Accessories – August 2012

1) A10- Direct Cable – The A10 cable is one of several quick disconnect cables that are necessary for your Plantronics H-Series headset to work with your specific phone.  If you aren’t sure which cable to buy, give us a call at 800-914-7996, and we will do a compatibility check for you.



2) HL10 Handset Lifter – This device is easy to set up and is what makes your wireless headset truly remote.  Without it you will need to come back to your phone each time to answer it, otherwise, with the HL10, you simply press a button on your headset, and the lifter does all the work for you.



3) M22 Vista Amplifier – You might ask yourself why you need an amplifier when you could use a direct cable instead.  The M22 Vista Amplifier brings so much more to the table when it comes to quality of sound.  The M22 has an adjustable microphone and speaker volume, and it is almost completely universal when it comes to compatibility with your phone.



4) Cord-to-QD Modular Plug 26716-01 – This cable is used primarily with a Cisco IP phone and also has the dual purpose of being one of the connecting cables with the M22 Vista Amplifier mentioned above.




5) CS50/CS55 Battery – If you find that your CS50 or CS55 headset is not keeping its charge or starts to beep a lot, then it may be time to change the battery.  Fortunately these headsets have the option of replacing the battery, rather than buying a whole new headset.




Replacing your Plantronics headset accessories is a great way to keep your headset performing at its best. When ear cushions tear, your voice tube gets clogged, or your wireless battery life isn’t what it use to be is the time to make your headset like new again.

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