How Do I Choose the Right Wireless PC Headset?

How do I choose the right wireless PC headset can really be answered fairly quickly by saying that first you need to determine what you want to do with the headset; be it using it like a phone, do webinars, gaming, or perhaps all three.  Plantronics offers quite an array of top quality headsets, from the Savi W400 Series (computer), to the Voyager Pro B230 (computer and mobile), to the new Savi Series (computer, mobile and phone) that are sure to serve  you well whatever your application.

In choosing the right wireless PC headset, two other things to keep in mind are fit and features, and here, once again, you have choices, such as; do you want to cover one ear (monaural, such as the Savi W8210), or two (binaural, such as Savi W8220), you need to choose your wearing style (Savi W440), mono or stereo sound, DSP (digital) sound, and mute and volume controls (such as the Savi W430).

As you can see, when choosing the right wireless PC headset, there are many factors to consider, such as application, fit and features, and from the references above, you can appreciate that choices abound.

We encourage you to compare the features of each one at  But if you still have questions, call the knowledgeable crew at Headsets Direct (800-914-7996) for good pointers on choosing the right wireless PC headset for you.

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